Voices Rising II: More Stories from the Katrina Narrative Project

Edited by Rebeca Antoine with an introduction by Barb Johnson

475 pages • $24.95 • ISBN: 9780970619082 • June 2012 • Add to Cart

Voices Rising II, the second compilation of stories from The Katrina Narrative Project, gives further witness to one of America’s greatest disasters. These are the stories of loss, injustice, and, at times, triumph as told by the people who endured the storm. The University of New Orleans reopened online in October 2005, only two months after the storm devastated the city and the campus. Members of the university combed the region and the nation collecting interviews and oral histories from people of all walks of life who were willing to speak about their experiences. These documents, transcripts, and audio recordings are now archived at the University of New Orleans library. As Barb Johnson says of Voices Rising II in her introduction, “This book contains not just the story of a few people in a specific place and time. It is actually the story of us all. It is the story of how we are battered by being in this world and about how sometimes we sink. But, more importantly, it is the story of how, having been battered, having sunk, we then rise.”  

“These narratives cut across age, race and neighborhood, a reminder of what we have shared and lost and struggle to rebuild.”
—Susan Larson, The Times-Picayune 

Rebeca Antoine was born in Connecticut and is a graduate of Yale University and the Creative Writing Workshop at the University of New Orleans. Her fiction has appeared in numerous venues, most recently in The Briar Cliff Review and GulfStream.

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