Understanding the Music Business: A Comprehensive View

Produced and edited by Irwin Steinberg and Harmon Greenblatt

200 pages • $24.95 • ISBN: 9781608010042 • December 2009 • Add to Cart

Whether you’re starting your own label or looking to sign to one, Understanding the Music Business: A Comprehensive View is the definitive guide to the music industry. While other manuals limit their focus to the legal factors that can affect the business, this unique text goes beyond and covers every aspect of the system, making it possible for anyone to understand the many opportunities and threats that are a part of everyday life in the music world. There are few industries that have changed as rapidly in recent years as the music business. This new, updated edition covers every development, breaking down the recording industry into its component parts and explaining in clear terms how it all works. 

Irwin Steinberg is president of HIS Corporation and Domilin Films and vice-chairman of the Music Connection. He is also a long-time director of the Record Industry Association of America. A founder and President of Mercury Records, Steinberg was Polygram’s First U.S. Chairman and C.E.O. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and California State University. 

Harmon Greenblatt is the Director of the Graduate Program in Arts Administration at the University of New Orleans. He was formerly Director of the Cultural Arts Division and the Arts Council of the city of Evanston, Illinois. He holds degrees from Northwestern University and DePaul University.

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