On Higher Ground: The University of New Orleans at 50

by Robert L. Dupont

190 pages • $39.95 • ISBN: 9780972814355 • March 2009 • Add to Cart

Published to coincide with the University of New Orleans’s 50th anniversary, On Higher Ground looks back on the university’s founding and its subsequent contributions to both its students and its community. The book traces the history of UNO’s academic tradition—from its beginnings to its most recent expansions and innovations. The University of New Orleans was established as a branch campus of LSU in 1956. Although originally envisioned as a small campus, students enrolled in numbers far greater than expected, causing the school to expand rapidly. From its early years, students, faculty, and the administration were united in the desire to build an excellent university from the ground up. In recent history, UNO has expanded its outreach to the New Orleans community through economic development projects, international exchange, and the adoption of charter schools and additional campuses throughout the city. In spite of major challenges—such as the devastation of Hurricane Katrina—the University of New Orleans has persevered, continuing to foster an innovative academic community for over fifty years. 

Robert L. Dupont is Associate Professor of History at UNO. He has also served as Dean of Metropolitan College and Vice-Chancellor of Strategic Planning and Budget. He is co-editor, with Gu╠łnter Bischof, of The Pacific War Revisited, essays on World War II. 

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