Normando Hernández González 

7 Years in Prison for Writing About Bread

Edited by Adam Braver and Molly Gessford
Translated by Cynthia Guardado 192 pages • $22.95 • ISBN: 9781608010875 • April 2015 • Add to Cart

In March 2003, Normando Hernández González was among seventy-five Cuban journalists who were hunted down and arrested in what became known as the “Black Spring.” For reporting outside the regime-endorsed perspective, the men were tried and sentenced to Cuba’s harshest prisons. Under the most brutal conditions, the journalists remained united, protesting to protect their countrymen’s human rights. After nearly a decade, the Cuban government finally released and exiled the dissenters in 2010, Hernández among them. One year later, Adam Braver and Molly Gessford traveled to Madrid, Spain to meet Hernández and record his remarkable story.

Normando Hernández González continues to work as a journalist and serves as Director General of the Cuban Institute for Freedom of Speech and Press, a nonprofit NGO he founded in 2011 to protect the inalienable freedoms of the Cuban people.


Adam Braver is the author of five novels. He is on faculty and a writer-in-residence at Roger Williams University. For more information about Adam Braver, click here


Molly Gessford teaches English as a foreign language in Boston. She interned for the PEN American Center while earning her BA at Roger Williams University.



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