Sheer Indefinite:  Selected Poems, 1991-2011

by Skip Fox

204 pages • $22.95 • 9781608010806 • April 2012 • Add to Cart

The expansive poems in Sheer Indefinite assume many voices—retelling biblical narratives, mining personal histories, and inventing new worlds from whole cloth. Formally inventive, Fox delivers restless, cascading stanzas, connected prose poems, and verse that shifts from one form for another like a snake shedding a delicate skin. Read these poems to lose your grip on reality, to momentarily find yourself in a cab, in someone else’s memory, in a museum full of sharks. For all their strangeness, these poems express the wonder of being alive. As Fox says in “floating world”: Open the door. You’re a mirror. The world takes you in.

“Prepare to be dazzled; the poet is one of our best. Here everything speaks, not only Adam and his serpent, the angels and their demons, but everywhere voices (are) steaming in the air like hot milk, and the wind rises to whatever Earth says when we listen. These poems will take your breath away. They will give you your life back. What discourse is not magic?
—Rikki Ducornet

“Alchemically, the poems in Skip Fox’s Sheer Indefinite will make the chocolate in your pocket melt.”
—Bernadette Mayer

“I’ve been shifting around inside Sheer Indefinite for so long now, it almost feels like home—that place every boll weevil wants to find at the end of its very long, yet also so very brief road. Skip Fox lent me this map. I’ve got an aethereal film of magic gumbo on my shoes now, so that the slower I go, the sooner I arrive. And then I go back, and trace my way through dark woods again, just so as not to lose the feel of it.”
—Tom Clark

Skip Fox has written several books and chapbooks of poetry and mixed-genre work as well as a lengthy bibliography. He is currently working on a nine volume text: Dream of a Book, four of which have been published: What Of (Potes & Poets), At That (Ahadada), For To (BlazeVox Books), and Delta Blues (Ahadada).

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