Every day, the University of New Orleans is scribbling, typing, and marking. We’re jotting, scrawling, and drafting. What are we writing? Symphonies, among other things. Motion offenses. Plays. Spreadsheets. Equations. Novels. We’re writing journal entries, lab reports, manifestos, evaluations, slightly awkward text messages, and magnum opuses. We investigate jazz, deconstruct business plans, and probe quantum constructions—because there are stats to analyze, narratives to piece together, and communities to restore.

From gravitational fields to Romantic poetry, UNO is writing every day. So we're going to keep doing what we do so well, and do it together. It’s called the University of New Orleans Write-A-Thon. And it’s 24 hours of writing, on campus, in support of UNO and UNO Press, on March 20-21, 2019


How can I get involved?

Participation is open to both UNO community members and supporters. You can come on board as an individual Write-A-Thoner, by creating or joining a WAT team, or by making a donation to the campaign. You've surely got writing to do—so bring whatever you’ve got on your docket and come be a part of this inaugural event.

You’re also invited to host a workshop during the WAT, which could look like: highlighting a certain type of writing that’s important to you, facilitating a writing-based discussion or circle, teaching a writing skill, or more!

So what happens during the event?

During these 24 hours, Write-A-Thoners of all stripes will convene on our lovely UNO campus (including the lakefront, weather permitting) to work. We’ll also have snacks and coffee to keep things going, workshops to keep things fresh, and camaraderie by the bucketful—courtesy, of course, of the Write-A-Thoners themselves.

Where does this money come from?

Write-A-Thoners will appeal to their personal networks to raise funds for the campaign. The event will also be supported by community and corporate sponsors, and individuals can make general donations to the campaign through our fundraising platform starting in January.

And where does the money go?

Half of the money raised goes to the scholarship fund at the UNO Foundation, and 35% benefits the department that raised it. The remaining 15% goes to administrative costs of running the Write-A-Thon.

What are my next moves?

1. Check out Qgiv, our fundraising platform, to either make a donation or register as a Write-A-Thoner.

2. If you have a writing-based skill or passion to share, consider facilitating a workshop at the event.

3. Spread the word! UNO students, faculty, and staff should check their inboxes for campaign updates over the coming months.


We at the University of New Orleans Press are jazzed about this event, and passionate about the university, students, and books that it will bolster. Your support is appreciated, and will go a long way!